Miami-Dade Schools Performance Data Redesign

jjames_final-presentation v-3.0

Project Awards (December 2017 Ironhack UX/UI Hackshow):

Overall Hackshow Judge Favorite

Outstanding UX Strategy

Outstanding Business Analysis

Outstanding Problem-Solving Skills

Outstanding Presentations Skills, Runner Up

Outstanding User Research, Runner Up

I improved the Dade Schools site’s overall information architecture to reduce cognitive overload and emphasized making school performance data more accessible to the public with a mobile-first design. Click here to read the case study.

In other words, the site became much easier to view on mobile phones and users could more easily find what they were looking for without getting overwhelmed.  The site was now built for not just school administrators, but parents and community members too!

Click here to read the case study.



Style Guide & Design Systems

Screen Shot 2019-03-14 at 6.42.48 PM

I previously wrote about building a Design System in Sketch for my own BloomBox project.

Although I can’t take credit for the overall visual design here (a UI designer was on the team), I personally rebuilt every component within XD and created nested symbols that could accept design changes across multiple components, screens and files.

Read more here.


Wellness Cycling App

JJames_Wellness Cycling Design_Public_2017-11-30

Solving user pain points by helping to cut through traffic figuratively (so many cycling and fitness platforms!) and literally.

Read the case study here.



Bloombox: From Design Sprint to Design System to High Fidelity Interactions


Read the case study here.



Advanced Prototyping

Much of my work in 2018 has been under NDA and I won’t be able to walk you through the design process.  However, I wanted to share with you an example of the sort of advanced prototyping I’ve had the opportunity to put together:


Read more here.



Data Analysis & Visualization

Screen Shot 2019-03-14 at 6.09.20 PM

Data Visualization can be an incredibly useful tool to discover insights in user testing data and in business analysis in general.  When done right, the data is plain for all to see and can help avoid lengthy, subjective arguments.

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