Thanks for stopping by! 👋 I’m a product designer who loves solving problems at the root and building community along the way;

Putting users at the center, collaborating with stakeholders, and working with developers line by line in code. I like to tinker.

Currently, I’m a Senior User Experience Designer at Santander Bank, leading conversation design of our virtual assistant “Sandi” for the US team and UX design for the self-service value stream on web and mobile.

#conversation-design #service-design #ux #systems-thinking #product-design


Safrapay’s ‘Saffie’: fintech startup chatbot. Summer 2021. Learn more.
Confidential client: Fortune 500 equity trading platform. Winter 2019-2020. Learn more.

I built this site with WordPress. I built another version of this site from scratch with Jekyll, hosted on Github. It’s a playground of sorts where I’m teaching myself the JAMstack among other things. Here’s to all you lovers of Markdown. ❤️ (Is there anyone else out there?)