Santander Bank

Currently, I’m a (Contract) Senior User Experience Designer at Santander Bank, leading conversation design of our virtual assistant “Sandi” for the US team and UX design for the self-help value stream on web and mobile.

HTML E-mail Design & Development

Conversation & Service Design at Safrapay

Multiple hat wearing conversation designer/technical curator, product owner, project manager, and communications designer/developer for a fintech startup.

Financial Services Global Trading Platform

Cross.Team worked closely with a large financial institution to redefine the user experience of worldwide traders and their managers. This newly redesigned presentation layer foundation was delivered as a full design system and allowed the IT team to design, develop and quickly deploy a world-class user experience for internal end-users and stakeholders. November 2019.

Drayage Web App: Shipping Dispatching & Order Management was asked to design a new front-end for a container shipping order management and dispatching application. The client was a startup in the drayage industry. February 2020.

Rebuilding My Portfolio from Scratch with Jekyll

Personal and Portfolio Site written in HTML, CSS and Markdown with Jekyll. Starting from scratch (not with a template) to learn for understanding, on a journey to learn the JAMstack. Next stop, design in Framer and build in React. January 2020.

Recyclaide: Mobile App for a Startup Social Enterpise

I joined the Recyclaide team pro bono in late 2019 to help bring the ideas they had for an app to life. Rapid prototyping with Framer X. January 2020.

Taking an Accessibility Web Application to the Next Level

Our team took over development of a web accessibility application after a previous developer didn’t finish the project. With little documentation, we needed to fix bugs in the code, while improving the overall UX of the product. In addition, the team lead performed a usability heuristics audit of the company’s overall website, including the application’s landing page. December 2019.

Style Guide & Design Systems

I previously wrote about building a Design System in Sketch for my own Bloombox project. Although I can’t take credit for the overall visual design here (a UI designer was on the team), I rebuilt every component within XD and created nested symbols that could accept design changes across multiple components, screens and files.

Data Visualization & Data Analysis

Data Visualization can be an incredibly useful tool to discover insights in user testing data and in business analysis in general. When done right, the data is plain for all to see and can help avoid lengthy, subjective arguments.